Americas Got Talent 2018 winner - Shin Lim - talks about his future

In this episode I had a chance to meet Americas Got Talent 2018 winner - Shin Lim a do an interview with him. I follow Shin Lim work in magic for a couple of years now and seeing him winning Americas Got Talent 2018 want a huge surprise. Shin Lim in many ways pushed the art form of magic and I'm pretty sure that winning Americas Got Talent 2018 is just a beggining of Shin Lim career. The Americas Got Talent that Shin Lim won was 13 edition of this talent show and I think succeeding there is a dream of every magician. What will be Shin Lim future? What are the plans of Americas Got Talent 2018 winner? You will have to watch the interview to know ;) My new clothes: SUBSCRIBE to the magic channel: ➡ ADD ME: ♣ ♥ ♠ TikTok: magicofy ♦ Snapchat: magicofy See the best episode: ➡ See the last episode: ➡ My name is Y and I am a magician from Warsaw (currently in California). I'm an ordinary guy, except I can do magic and I want you to join my world. To get business ideas or video collaboration, send an e-mail to: [email protected] Help translate this video here: #AGT #ShinLim #LosAngeles

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