Standing in 3 Countries at Once ⚠️ BY, UA, PL [Kult America]

On this episode of Kult America, we traveled from Białystok Poland to “Trójstyk” (Tri-point border Poland, Ukraine, Belarus). Along the way we visited the largest Orthodox Church in Poland, Góra Grabarka, Białowieża which is one of the most ancient forests in Europe, an ethnically Belorussian village in Poland, the place where the Polish Lithuanian commonwealth was ratified, and a scary road along the bug river. This turned out to be a tense experience for us (We nearly faced arrest in the making of this video) resulting in excessive profanity despite our otherwise cultural intentions, viewer beware. A huge thanks to Dom Polski Restaurant at Belwederska street, for the possibility of recording the narrative to this episode, in this beautiful place. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: Email: [email protected] Brands: [email protected] Merchandise: Mediakraft PL Sp. z o.o. ul. Nowy Świat 60/8, 00-357 Warszawa NIP: 7010420629 Managing Directors: Levent Gültan, Ryan Socash

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