Does Polish Transportation SUCK? [Kult America]

When I moved to Poland, I was amazed by the various modes of transportation available to citizens. It's convenient, it's fast and what's more - it's eco-friendly. But Poles always complain about their public transport, so on today's episode of Kult America I will take a 48 hour trip across Poland to find out if Polish transport sucks? Make sure to check out this video by WWF: Link to the official project page: ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Join our community! Merchandise: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: [email protected] Brands: [email protected] Mediakraft PL Sp. z o.o. ul. Nowy Świat 60/8, 00-357 Warszawa NIP: 7010420629 Managing Directors: Levent Gültan, Ryan Socash

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