The Battle Scars of Podkarpackie [Kult America]

From Hitlers train bunker, to insane WW1 relics, on this episode of Kult America, Journalist Ryan Socash examines a the seemingly endless war infrastructure that span the historic region of Podkarpackie. #Podkarpackie #Poland #Polska Locations Featured - Blizna - Stępina - Strzyżów - Marysieńka Atomic bunker - Twierdza Przemyśl sources: Vector Anonymous “Possibly the first known film footage of earths curvature ever taken from a captured WWII V2 Rocket.” - PublicResourceOrg “GERMAN CONFISCATED FILM, 1939 – 1945" - PublicResourceOrg “ADVANCE INTO POLAND (Reel 1 of 4)” - PublicResourceOrg “ADVANCE INTO POLAND (Reel 2 of 4)” - PublicResourceOrg “ADVANCE INTO POLAND (Reel 4 of 4)” - ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: Email: [email protected] Brands: [email protected] Merchandise:

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