Growth Talks #12 - Communication Workshop!

#GrowthTalks Episode 12. How to talk through benefits, rather than features? Mick is talking about our internal communication workshop that was really eye-opening for many of our team members. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick Griffin is a Chief Revenue Officer at Brand24. He has over 9 years of experience in building and maintaining business development strategies. Specializing in cross-border sales. He is a recognized keynote speaker who has spoken professionally in dozens of cities around the world. Michal Sadowski is a Founder & CEO at Brand24, a social listening tool used by thousands of customers across 86 countries. Mentor at Startup Weekend & Founder Institute. The author of "Social Media Revolution" bestselling book. Awarded with a "Best Co-Founder" prize in The Next Web Startup Awards. Web Summit Conference People's Stage winner. Find us here: Mick Griffin Michal Sadowski Facebook: Twitter: Edited by Jan Bożek. Subtitles by Oskar Kuć.