7 Tools to Boost Your Growth in 2019

Here's the list of 7 new marketing & productivity tools to use in 2019. Some of my favorite new apps & products released recently: - https://historysearch.com - turns websites you visit into searchable documents. A very helpful way to save time searching for content you’ve read or watched. It is compatible with Google Docs, Office 365. Gmail. Intercom. Jira and more. https://boxiqq.co/ - live dashboard. Sort of like Google Studio mixed with IFTTT. You can easily create a dashboard, then connect a specific section or box with services like Youtube, Intercom, Twitter, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and more. So you can essentially combine all the major company metrics and put them on screen or embed on your website. Cool for social proof since you can embed it on your homepage to share some of the brag numbers. https://squadapp.io Share your smartphone screen with friends. Live. Mostly an app for friends to share their mobile screens while shopping, but I found it useful to test our own mobile version of the product in live collaboration with developers. Hammer. Another tool I would recommend is a hammer...Yeah... Just a hammer. It’s pretty useful when assembling furniture at the office, saves a lot of time. https://planable.io/ - collaborate to approve and schedule social media content. Super useful for agencies that often need an accept content before release. https://livesession.io/ hotjar competitor and another cool polish company. Very competitive in terms of pricing plus filters and segmenting features, unlike their larger competitors. https://leadhonestly.com/ 1:1 meeting manager. Sort of like a CRM for your team members. This way you can track all the promises, assignments, tasks your teams are managing. You can also track their mood, frustrations and new ideas. - About me: Michal Sadowski is a Founder & CEO at Brand24, a social listening tool used by 3000+ clients across 110 countries. Mentor at Startup Weekend & Founder Institute. The author of "Social Media Revolution" bestselling book. Awarded with a "Best Co-Founder" prize in The Next Web Startup Awards. Web Summit Conference People's Stage winner. - Find me here: Brand24: http://brand24.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/michalsadowski Twitter: http://twitter.com/sadek - #startup #growthtips #onlinebusiness