Increase Your Creativity and Productivity

Creative Friday is the day of the month when we stop doing our “regular” tasks and use it for side projects, new ideas, acquiring new knowledge, testing new tools, practices. It is a way to boost creativity and productivity across the company. -- When do we do Creative Friday? Creative Friday is happening on a different date for each office. We do that so offices can cover for each other. One office has a Creative Friday. Others cover for them. You can also divide a single office into two groups. -- What are the rules for Creative Friday? Rule #1: you don’t talk about Creative Friday… I kid. There is only one rule for Creative Friday: unless there is a huge emergency - you don’t do your regular tasks. -- Does this mean I don’t need to code or reply to customers? Unless there is a major emergency - you don’t need to code or reply to customers. Teams from other cities will cover for you. Moreover, your side project might include coding or talk to customers. -- I don’t want to work on any side projects. What can I do? There is absolutely no pressure to have side projects. You can use this time to learn new technology, learn new skills, even loosely related to our business or tech. -- Can we form teams? Yes! You can work in groups, teams, however you prefer. -- Do I have to finish my side project on the same day? No. You can have a one-day side project (or no projects at all, it is up to you) or you can work on something for several Creative Fridays. -- Can you share some examples of things we can be doing? You can really do anything that is related to our business: + learn new skills + read a book + shoot a new video you never had time to shoot + start a blog or write something + create new concept a feature or our communication or anything + company related + create new concept for + talk to coworkers + experiment with some new tools or tech + pimp your office space + try to guess Wierzej’s email password Again, the only rule is not to do regular stuff. ------------- About me Michal Sadowski is a Founder & CEO at Brand24, a social listening tool used by thousands of customers across 86 countries. Mentor at Startup Weekend & Founder Institute. The author of "Social Media Revolution" bestselling book. Awarded with a "Best Co-Founder" prize in The Next Web Startup Awards. Web Summit Conference People's Stage winner. About Brand24 Brand24 is an award-winning app that helps you track & engage people talking about your company. A publically traded company. Over 2200 active clients from 86 countries. 60+ team members.